Crawford Space Communications Ltd

Currently this home page is mostly for posting a couple of useful documents from Dr. Paul S. Crawford's old personal pages covering such exciting topics as spanner jaw sizes and the SGP4/SDP4 orbital models from the previous Dundee Satellite Receiving Station web site (due for closure soon, being replaced by Dundee Satellite Station Ltd.)

As well as my connection with DSS Ltd (and DSRS before that) this consultancy company has been operating since 1999 providing support to numerous clients including:

AAC-ClydeSpace, UK
British Antarctic Survey, UK
ESA, Italy
Eumetsat, Germany
Hutchison Technologies Ltd., UK
IMAA, Italy
Inmarsat, UK
INTA, Spain
SCISYS, Germany
Sutron, USA
University of Berne, Switzerland
University of Dundee, UK
University of Hawaii, USA
University of Milan, Italy

(c) Paul Crawford, 27 Nov 2019